Washington Resources on Conservative Issues

Washington State is blessed with a wide array of conservative groups playing its role in
promoting and furthering conservative principles.

Many of the leading ones are described below.

Policy Groups Legal-Related Groups  
Action Groups Service Groups  

Policy Groups

The Freedom Foundation - www.myfreedomfoundation.org
From its Olympia office, the Evergreen Freedom Foundation seeks “to advance individual
liberty, personal responsibility and limited and accountable government.” Its areas of
focus include the Washington State budget, educational policy, and health care policy.
President: Jonathan Bechtle

Washington Policy Center - www.washingtonpolicy.org
Based in Seattle, the Washington Policy Center proclaims its goal as “advancing limited
government and free markets.” It focuses its energies on taxes, government overregulation,
health care, free-market environmental reforms, contracting out and currently has a major
focus on government policies that affect small business. President: Dann Mead Smith.

Washington Research Council - www.researchcouncil.org
A business-supported research organization, the Washington Research Council has been the
leading source for objective information about Washington’s tax and budget structure since
the 1930’s. Its online updates about the state’s budget issues are especially timely during
the legislative session. President: Richard Davis.

Legal-Related Groups

The Institute for Justice - www.ij.org/Washington
The Washington chapter of the Institute for Justice litigates under the Washington Constitution
to reinvigorate economic rights, preserve property rights, promote educational choice, and defend
the right of Washingtonians to freely speak, write and publish on all subjects.
Washington Executive Director: William Maurer. Washington Executive Director: William Maurer.

Pacific Legal Foundation - www.pacificlegal.org/NorthwestCenter.asp
PLF in Washington challenges numerous kinds of government actions that violate individual and economic
liberties protected by the Constitution, including: regulatory "takings" of private property without
compensation; as well as limitations on beneficial development of land through unjustified permit fees,
harmful zoning regulations and unjustified restrictions on reasonable land use.

Puget Sound Lawyers Chapter of the Federalist Society - www.fed-soc.org
The Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies is a group of conservatives and libertarians
dedicated to the principles that the state exists to preserve freedom, that the separation of governmental
powers is central to our Constitution, and that it is emphatically the province and duty of the judiciary
to say what the law is, not what it should be. Puget Sound Chapter president: Diana Kirchheim.

Action Groups

American Land Rights Association - www.landrights.org
As a national clearinghouse, ALRA focuses on the wise-use of our resources, access to our Federal lands and
the protection of our private property rights. Its purpose is to oppose selfish, single-use, restrictive
land use designations that damage local economies, schools and roads in rural America. Chairman: Dan Cushman.

Christian Coalition of Washington - www.ccofwa.org
The Christian Coalition in Washington works to educate and activate Christians for social, political
and spiritual action. Recent activities have included a focus on abortion, homosexual legal claims,
religious freedom and gambling. Director: Rick Forcier.

Concerned Women for America - www.washington.cwfa.org
Part of the nation’s largest public policy women’s organization, in Washington state, CWA is passionate
about connecting with, educating, and mobilizing citizens toward Biblical public policy, helping the public
understand issues in our state and nation that threaten the Judeo-Christian heritage of America. State
Director: Catherine Duffy.

Human Life of Washington, and the Center for Life Principles - www.humanlife.net
Affiliated with National Right to Life Committee, Human Life of Washington and the Center for Life
Principles combine to promote through educational and legislative efforts, the recognition that all human
beings are persons endowed with intrinsic dignity and the inalienable right to life, from conception to
natural death. Chairman: Dan Kennedy

Voters Want More Choices - www.VotersWantMoreChoices.com
(formerly called "Permanent Offense") is a grassroots taxpayer-protection organization most known for sponsoring
and passing six initiatives, including ones which have capped property tax increases, reduced vehicle tab fees,
and reduced the size of King County Council. In 2005 they are sponsoring Initiative I-900 to require performance
audits of state and local government. Plans for 2006 include a third motor vehicle tab fee initiative and a property
rights initiative. Leader: Tim Eyman, ph: 425-493-9127, e-mail: insignia@greekwatch.com

Faith and Freedom Network (formerly Washington Evangelicals for Responsible Government) - www.faithandfreedom.us
WERG provides an evangelical Christian lobbyist for the Washington State Legislature and to State Government
Agencies. Legislation and Rulings are evaluated from a Biblical perspective. Testimony is presented at hearings
held on issues affecting the Christian community. Director: Gary Randall, info@faithandfreedom.us.

FreedomWorks - www.freedomworks.org/washington/index.php
FreedomWorks is the merged organization of Citizens for a Sound Economy and Empower America. They recruit, train, and
motivate volunteer activists to fight for less government, lower taxes, and more freedom. Major agenda items are based
off free market economic principles and include tax and spending issues, liability reform, school choice, and easing
government regulations. State Director: Jamie Daniels 360-456-1634

Washington Young Americans for Freedom - www.wayaf.org
Washington YAF is a branch of the Young Americans for Freedom (YAF), a conservative youth organization
which was founded in 1960. Washington YAF focuses on mobilizing young people to speak out on important
social and political issues. Chairman: Blair Anderson.

Service Groups

Teen-Aid - www.teen-aid.org
Teen-Aid is a Spokane-based abstinence until marriage educational program teaching the relationship
skills needed to achieve abstinence and fidelity. The public school educational materials provide
discussion opportunities for teens and parents. A federal SPRANS grant measures the effectiveness of
programs and provided 202,000 lesson materials to over 42,000 students.

American Academy - www.CompleteEducation.org/AmericanAcademy.htm
Located on Mercer Island, The American Academy is a conservative Judeo-Christian, Pro-American,
classical PK-12 school emphasizing an understanding of business and free-market principles. It uses
the Hillsdale Academy curriculum. Its teachers work in the community to teach and promote these
principles. Its mission is to equip children for future conservative leadership. Headmaster:
Brent Davis.

Families Northwest - www.familiesnorthwest.org
Families Northwest is an independent, nonprofit organization equipping leaders and unifying communities
to create a healthy environment for marriage, family life and children. Executive Director: Jeff Kemp.

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