The Olympia Project

Grassroots teamwork electing conservative leaders to the Washington
State Legislature

Our mission:

Our mission is to harness the strength of grassroots conservatives across
the state to provide the financial resources needed to elect new conservative
leaders to the Washington State Legislature.

Our guiding principles:

We support candidates who share our commitment to:
• Promoting strong families
• Promoting responsible, taxpayer-friendly fiscal policies
• Maintaining a Responsible Criminal Justice system
• Fostering a sound educational system for Washington’s youth
• Assuring limited government, deregulation and privatization
• Recognizing Constitutional Protections

Our commitment:

We will seek out conservative candidates running for legislative seats throughout>br> the state and screen them to determine their commitment to principle, their opportunity
to win and whether the support of the members of The Olympia Project can make a
significant impact. Our focus will be on challengers rather than incumbents as challengers
generally have a greater need for assistance. We will screen candidates carefully and make
no more than five recommendations of support in any election year.

What am I being asked to do?

• By joining The Olympia Project, you are supporting our effort and agreeing to give
special attention to the candidates we recommend.
• “TOP” will recommend up to five legislative candidates each year, telling you why
we think the candidate deserves support.
• Your commitment if you like what you see, is to contribute $20 or more to each candidate
($100 total per campaign cycle).
• Pool your contributions with conservatives from across the state for maximum impact.

How will candidates be selected?

An Advisory board consisting of conservative activists from across the state, and including seven
former conservative legislators, will evaluate candidates and races.


Former Legislative leaders:

Ken Eikenberry (former legislator and Attorney General)
Bill Polk (former Speaker of the House)
Dale Foreman (former House Majority Leader)
Dick Bond (former legislator from Spokane)
Bob Eberle (former legislator from Federal Way)
Eric Rohrbach (former legislator from Normandy Park)
Kathy Lambert (King County Councilmember and former legislator from Redmond)

Other conservative activists:

Dick Derham, Seattle
Susan Stahlfeld, Burien
Dennis Dunn, Seattle
Kit Jones, Tacoma
Herb Hill, Yakima

What criteria will be used to select candidates?

•Is the candidate committed to the conservative principles listed above?
(See WCU ratings applying these criteria to current legislators.)
•Is the candidate in a race where the conservative can win?
•Incumbents will not be eligible: The Olympia Project seeks to bring in new
conservatives to increase the ranks of conservative in Olympia.

How can I be sure my contribution will go to the candidate?

• You will send your contribution directly to the candidate.
• You will decide in each case whether, and how much, to contribute.
• None of your contributions will pay for TOP’s expenses.

How do I sign up?

Fill in the response form and hand it in or mail it in.

ATTN: Washington Conservative Union
Dick Derham
524 W Comstock St
Seattle WA 98119

Expect to hear of the first candidate selection in June.

Name: _______________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________

City: ________________________ State: ________ Zip: _________

Telephone Number: ______________ Legislative District: ______

Add me to your list of e-mail bulletins at: