For Immediate Release:
October 16, 2003
Contact: Dick Derham

Fourteen Legislators Receive Perfect Score in Conservative Ranking

Five Senators and nine Representatives received perfect ratings in the 2003 legislature
according to a release by the Washington Conservative Union, a non-partisan political action
group formed in 1979 to support for free markets, limited government and traditional moral values.

“In light of today’s challenging economic demands upon Washington’s citizens, those legislators
who stood steadfast against demands for higher taxes deserve the approval of all Washingtonians,”
WCU Chairman Richard Derham declared in releasing the ratings.

The WCU selected 15 key votes in the State Senate and 12 key votes in the House during the 2003
legislative session in areas of protecting strong families, fostering a taxpayer-friendly budget,
maintaining a responsible criminal justice system, supporting a sound educational system, assuring
limited government and recognizing constitutional protections.

The top rated Senators are Senators: Johnson, Rossi, Schmidt, Stevens and Zarelli and the
Representatives with perfect scores are Representatives: Ahern, Buck, Condotta, Cox, Crouse,
McMahan, Mielke, Roach, and Schloesler.

Read the complete ratings and voting records of all legislators.
Congressional ratings are available through the American Conservative Union.