Washington Conservative Union's Legislative Ratings

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WCU's Principles for Ratings

The Washington Conservative Union rates Washington State legislators on the basis of how
their legislative votes conform to the following principles.

Promotes Strong Families
The family is the basic unit of society. Policies that respect stronger families benefit
us all.

Promotes Responsible, Tax-payer Friendly Fiscal Policies
Taxes to support necessary functions of government should be based on sound economic
principles; taxpayer dollars should be spent prudently to promote the core functions of

Maintains a Responsible Criminal Justice System
The first duty of government is to provide for the security of its citizens and their
property in a manner that is consistent with personal liberty.

Fosters a sound educational system for Washington's youth
Today's students must have the opportunity to attain the skills and knowledge that will
equip them to lead lives of productive citizenship; competition, parental choice and
school accountability all aid in achieving this goal.

Assures Limited Government/deregulation/privatization
Every increase in the size of government must be tested against this question: does the
expected benefit justify the economic cost and the resulting reduction in human freedom.

Recognizes Constitutional Protections
The state and federal constitutions are the foundation for our liberty and our system of
government and they should be the standards by which every legislative bill and government
action is first judged.

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